Fake Bake is the UK’s leading salon professional self tan and spray tan brand.

Fake Bake has become the choice of beauty experts and celebrities alike. So if you want to fashion a tan like Jennifer Anniston and Cheryl Cole then Fake Bake is your answer.

Before & After your tan

DO... Exfoliate, shave and wax at least 24 hours before, giving pores time to close before your tan.

DO... Wear dark loose fitting clothes on the day of your tan.

DO... Wear a dark bikini or bra & knickers / thong for your tan. We can provide paper thongs.

DO... Help prolong your tan, moisturise daily using an oil-free moisturiser. Showering instead of bathing helps it to last little bit longer too.

DO... Gently exfoliate to keep your tan even and prevent any patches when your tan starts to fade. You can do this after about 4-5 days.

DON'T... Wear make-up, perfume, moisturiser, deodorant, foundation etc on the day of your tan, this will act as a barrier to the spray.

DON'T... Bath / shower for at least 8 hours after application of your tan and avoid any vigorous exercise / swimming during this time.

DON'T... Tan should not be applied to broken skin and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some medications HRT & hormone level fluctuations may affect the outcome of the tan.

Treatment Time Price

Full Body Spray Tan (original and dark shades)

20 mins

£20 for one or

two tans for £30

Fake Bake Gold / 60 minute Tan   +£2.50 suppliment